What is The Hyped Source?

Welcome to The Hyped Source. We are a brand that started by making air fresheners based around some of the most sought after creps. Fast forward 12-months, and we realised we were onto something much bigger. Expanding into clothing, accessories and apparel, The Hyped Source is now a sought-after fashion brand. We’re only just beginning our journey can’t wait for you to see what we’re doing next! 




How long will it take to receive my order?

Please go and see our shipping page on our website 







When will you be getting more sizes in?

Often, we have limited stock that sells out within a matter of days. We know this can be frustrating and so if you’re after a specific item of clothing in a certain size, please drop us an email at: [email protected]. We’ll do our best to help. 



We always recommend subscribing to our newsletter to ensure you’re the first to know about any upcoming re-stocks, drops and other promotions.




Do you have any discount codes?

We always try and have at least 1-promotion code running throughout the year. Hint: take a look at our social media as they are often posted there!

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